state budget

government budget and citizens' budget

National priorities depend on the budget. The two Houses of the Legislative Authority will determine the size and the components of the State Budget. There will be:
1) a Government Budget covering foreign commitments, defense, law and order, and infrastructure.
2) a Citizens' Budget for the communal authorities dealing with education and culture, quality of life and welfare. All citizens will receive notice of their part of the allocation of resources according to family size. The government will publish the list of institutions and communities included in this budget. Citizens will inform the government to which institutions, communal or possibly government, they assign their allocation.

Party expenses will be covered on a similar basis. The Citizens' Budget for this purpose enables citizens annually to designate their preferred political party and public institution. Theaters, choirs, charitable organizations etc. must now apply to the public, instead of to politicians and government officials. Politicians will similarly draw their funds from the public, allowing people to judge their performance annually.