?how did problems occur

dreams and reality

Israeli society must shed its illusions. In the past we realized that we are but a small nation struggling to survive. Then we began dreaming of possessing all of the Land of Israel, and of Instant Peace. These issues tore us apart and prevented us from coping with our real problems.

Israel's political leadership suffers from lack of forethought, disregard of principles and inability to define the problems it must address.

The Israeli government distributes funds and allocates jobs without due regard for principle. Politicians concentrate on procuring funds and positions, instead of focusing on ideological issues and standards of leadership. Those who ‘get somewhere in life’ are the practiced conspirators, not those known for their expertise and integrity. Fatal decisions are taken on the basis of the slimmest majority. Politicians have even bought votes and brutally crushed the minority.

Relying on the government was the rule in Israel's early days. The government built schools, employed teachers, prepared school curricula, and covered the costs of theaters, sports clubs and synagogues. This is no longer necessary. Citizens, and not officials, should now govern their children's education and determine their cultural priorities. In the present climate, however, many prefer "milking" the government to working. In order to prosper, one need only apply pressure, strike, and contact a suitable lobby. Our worship of unbridled capitalism has caused a rising economic inequality: , the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Public indifference has enabled politics, capital and the media to form an unholy partnership. Persistent brainwashing has undermined our ability to judge and think for ourselves. Politicians and businessmen have abandoned all restraint in their quest for power, rating and funds. Instead of dealing with this malady, we kept on dreaming of Peace and possessing the entire Land of Israel. This cannot go on. There are problems that can suffer no further delay.